Rule The Roost is a Tottenham Hotspur focused podcast - that much, at least, is clear.

Conceived in the summer of 2013, RTR was designed as a tonic; a fresh approach to the introverted club specific world of podcasting. Shockingly, we came to the conclusion that fans of other sides would know more about the clubs they supported then we would - and just like that, our format was born.

Prioritising opposition discussion of an intellectual manner over forced 'banter' or plain ignorance, RTR plays host to club experts of teams Tottenham will be playing that week. Through broadening our horizons, by taking a second to look somewhere else other than ourselves, we vastly improved the context we could provide on the football we were discussing. Married with sections dedicated to post-match analysis and irreverent chatter, our aim to provide the fullest view of what exactly is happening that week is as fully realised as possible.

Originally a double act, RTR quickly grew in to a trio, and has gone from strength to strength. A passion project for us involved, an extra, unpaid, no-frills commitment on top of our usual work duties, we're extremely proud of what we come together to collaborate on and produce. This show is a labour of love, and we can only hope that you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoy making it.


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